Occuputional First Aid Re-Certification

manual handlingThe course conforms to the syllabus for FETAC Occupational First Aid as set down by the Health and Safety Authority. It ensures first aid personnel are up to date with developments in Occupational First Aid in both theory and practice, and any changes in legislation and relevant guidelines.

Duration: 1 day
Maximum Number: 10 Students

•    First Aid in the Workplace
•    Cardiac First Responder Course (CPR & AED)
•    Patient Assessment
•    Respiratory Emergencies
•    Wounds & Bleeding
•    Altered Levels of Consciousness
•    Musculo-skeletal Injuries
•    Burns, Scalds, Electric Shock

Certification: First Aim Re-certification Occupational First Aid and Cardiac First Responder Certificate

Certification:    FETAC Level 5 and Cardiac First Responder Certificate

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